Thursday, October 30, 2014

Still Pregnant

I'll be 39 weeks pregnant on Sunday. Dr appt tomorrow, not expecting any news, besides that my lack of sleeping, lack of appetite, lack of energy, etc is all typical. More than ready to have this baby, although we could pass on a Halloween birthday.

And now for an assortment of pictures from this summer.

Kelby and Heidi playing trains
 Heidi and I went to a pumpkin patch with our MOPS group. A cold, muddy and rainy day. Heidi's favorite part, practicing her walking skills on this little bridge, over and over again. She was determined and proud of herself.
Heidi walking
 She was unimpressed with this child sized tractor. Her expression.... why did you put me on this?

When asked to hold hands with one of her friends. So cute!!!

We convinced Kelby to join us at the playground earlier this week. Possibly one of the last nice days before winter fully arrives. Kelby helped Heidi practice going down the slide facing forward. On her own, she will flip onto her stomach and go feet first.
Heidi and Kelby
 We have sooooo many leaves. They look pretty on the trees, but it involves a lot of raking, of which I only last a few minutes at a time before I tire out.
Our backyard.

 Back in the summer, at camp. Four generations. And yes, can you see I'm pregnant in this picture?

Me, Heidi, Laura, Great-Grandma, Grandma
 I can't get over how cute Heidi was in a bathing suit and her hair up.
For those asking, another pregnant picture of me.
Great-Grandma, Heidi, Me
 Great-Grandma and Heidi talking about flowers.
Great-Grandma and Heidi
 A unusual pregnant picture of me walking. Enjoy the rarity.
Me and Heidi
 Extended family time.
Emma, Caitlin, Heidi, Me
 Grandpa and Heidi enjoyed playing with a ball outside one day. Heidi's enjoyment was contagious.
Grandpa and Heidi

Heidi - her head is forward as she concentrates in trying to say something.

no words needed

Uh-oh, what happened?
 Grandma teaching Heidi how to make applesauce.
Grandma and Heidi

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  1. "A lot of raking" is an understatement! I'll post pictures of just how many leaves we've raked so far. This is one of the few downsides to the beautiful arrival of fall; in Texas, our grass was already dead, so we just left the leaves on the ground (or mowed over them), and it was no big deal. Besides, there was no threat of snow to cover them for months at a time. Here, not so much. It's A LOT more work!