Saturday, November 29, 2014

Norah pictures

I finally downloaded Norah pictures from the camera to our computer. Here are a few of them, with commentary.

An interesting birth story, to be relayed at another point in time. But since we took a "last picture" when I was pregnant with Heidi, we did it this time as well. Yes, my water has already broken, but only feeling minor contractions. It's 5 in the morning.
Last picture of Kristin pregnant with Norah

First picture of the three of us. I actually look pretty good!
Kristin, Norah, Kelby

Kelby and Norah

 Heidi meeting Norah for the first time. I wasn't sure how well it was going to go, but it went so much better than expected! I held Heidi for a few minutes, and then held Norah with Heidi sitting next to me. She noticed Norah's blanket right away, so I placed one on Heidi's lap. She is examining the blanket in this picture. Grandma is holding a tablet, while we skype with my sister, Laura and her husband John. Technology is pretty neat sometimes!!! My dad and Kelby were also in the room. A neat memory!

Kristin, Norah, Heidi, Grandma
 Heidi had been asking to actually hold Norah, and not just touch part of Norah, so here is the result. Heidi was (and is) in love. Most of the time she is gentle, and loves to help out in any way possible. Even throwing away dirty diapers is an exciting event.
Heidi, Kristin, Norah 
And life goes on. Our first measurable snowfall, Kelby built a little snowman for Heidi. Yes, Sophie is interested as well.
Heidi and Sophie
 We spend a lot of time like this. Me holding Norah, in different positions. Also holding Norah's hands, to try and prevent her from jerking herself awake.

 And another day, another location in the house...

I am not a fan of infant car seats, but I couldn't figure out how to get her in and out of the car during the cold, snowy winters we have up here. This was my solution. I am also not a fan of pacifiers, but Norah seems to have a strong sucking desire, and can't be attached to me/nursing all the time. But isn't she cute :)
 And she is crying....

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Still Pregnant

I'll be 39 weeks pregnant on Sunday. Dr appt tomorrow, not expecting any news, besides that my lack of sleeping, lack of appetite, lack of energy, etc is all typical. More than ready to have this baby, although we could pass on a Halloween birthday.

And now for an assortment of pictures from this summer.

Kelby and Heidi playing trains
 Heidi and I went to a pumpkin patch with our MOPS group. A cold, muddy and rainy day. Heidi's favorite part, practicing her walking skills on this little bridge, over and over again. She was determined and proud of herself.
Heidi walking
 She was unimpressed with this child sized tractor. Her expression.... why did you put me on this?

When asked to hold hands with one of her friends. So cute!!!

We convinced Kelby to join us at the playground earlier this week. Possibly one of the last nice days before winter fully arrives. Kelby helped Heidi practice going down the slide facing forward. On her own, she will flip onto her stomach and go feet first.
Heidi and Kelby
 We have sooooo many leaves. They look pretty on the trees, but it involves a lot of raking, of which I only last a few minutes at a time before I tire out.
Our backyard.

 Back in the summer, at camp. Four generations. And yes, can you see I'm pregnant in this picture?

Me, Heidi, Laura, Great-Grandma, Grandma
 I can't get over how cute Heidi was in a bathing suit and her hair up.
For those asking, another pregnant picture of me.
Great-Grandma, Heidi, Me
 Great-Grandma and Heidi talking about flowers.
Great-Grandma and Heidi
 A unusual pregnant picture of me walking. Enjoy the rarity.
Me and Heidi
 Extended family time.
Emma, Caitlin, Heidi, Me
 Grandpa and Heidi enjoyed playing with a ball outside one day. Heidi's enjoyment was contagious.
Grandpa and Heidi

Heidi - her head is forward as she concentrates in trying to say something.

no words needed

Uh-oh, what happened?
 Grandma teaching Heidi how to make applesauce.
Grandma and Heidi

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

36 weeks and counting

As of Sunday, I was 36 weeks pregnant. Heidi came at 39 weeks, 3 days. Last friday, I had a sonogram to check baby's position, and she is head down. Approximate weight 6 pounds 12 ounces. At that point, Heidi was around 7 pounds.

Any guesses as to when this baby will come, and the baby's weight?

The doctor doesn't think I look big enough for a baby of this size. But my doctor in Texas said the same thing, and Heidi was born at 9 pounds 2 ounces. Something to contemplate.

Baby girl's room is done. We bought a 2nd crib as Heidi still loves her crib. She loves it so much, that when someone goes in to get her up in the morning or after a nap, she tells that person to "sit down" and wants to play for a while.

And now for the requisite pictures.

Heidi loves this activity. She is pushing pom-poms through the top of a diaper container. Will keep her occupied for quite a while. Superb fine-motor activity and she doesn't even know it! Oh, and I was packing for a trip, so her booster chair was on the floor. She chose to sit in it, and asked for her tray too.

Heidi concentrating

A picture from our trip to the Smokey Mountains, TN at the end of July. I was around 24 weeks pregnant, if my math is correct. I sure felt pregnant, even if I am not showing that much!
Me, Heidi, Kelby
 A few months ago, Heidi was having a rough night which is very atypical for her. Kelby went and got her out of bed, and she kept calling for me. Kelby brought her into our bed (very unusual and special experience), and she cuddled as close as possible to me. She took my spot on the pillow, and then even put my arm over her. Cute for a minute, but that is no way to sleep, so back into her own bed she went.

Heidi and me

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Piseco Lake

We love it here, at camp.

Lots of trees, a lake, private beach, dock, boats, yummy food, good company. No electronics or TV or internet or cell phones (yes, we have a land-line phone, and maybe 1 channel on the TV on a good day.) But for the most part, nature and life intermingle.

Heidi and Aunt Laura

Aunt Laura's dog, Bo.

Heidi loves her babies. That is an understatement.

Heidi looking at the fish Grandpa caught.

Grandma helping Heidi on the stone stairs.

Me and my daughter.