Thursday, June 27, 2013

Official Notice to Move

While I am thinking of it, I wanted to remember to write down my other reasons for starting the blog up again. We are moving at the end of August. At least, we are moving out of Texas. We don't have a specific location, yet, as that will depend on where Kelby finds employment. I just looked at the calender; it is 9 weeks away, or 2 months left to go!! Eeekkk. We have discussed this idea for a long time now, and had to wait for Kelby to finish his degree. But now the closer it comes, the more real our decision feels. I will not miss the Texas heat or the emphasis on spending money/shopping, but will deeply miss the friendships we have formed. I have lived in TX for 9 years now, the majority of my adult life. That is a lot of connections and memories that have to stay behind in Texas. I came here directly after receiving my undergraduate degree, in my green Ford Escape, with all of my belongs in the back seat and trunk. As I start to consider packing, I realized I will be leaving TX with a husband, a child, 2 dogs, two cars, and a huge moving truck. Wow. I have accumulated lots! :)

Ok, longer tangent than I expected up there. Back on track.... I have friends who do not use Facebook. And FB seems to be the place where most updates occur. I wanted to give these friends a way to keep up to date with our lives, without me having to send "update emails." Emails sounded like too much work! So back to the blog I came. I hope our friends will continue to read about our lives, the interesting and mundane.  Who am I kidding, they probably just want to see pictures!

As well, I have always liked the thought of a journal, but am never good at the follow through. Through the purpose of letting friends know what is going on in our lives, it holds some accountability to the idea. It is also a great way to keep record of our lives, and I can easily turn the blog into a memory book.

Back to the moving plan, I guess I think about it often, as it seems like it will be a lot of work. I gave official written notice to our apartment complex, that August 31st will be our last day. That really made it sink in, and no turning back! As of right now, we will be homeless September 1st. Unless, of course, we already have a new place to live.

PS. prayers for Kelby to find a job would be greatly appreciated!

PPS. and since most people enjoy pictures, here you go. This is one of my favorite pictures that first week Heidi was here, taken by my mom. Doesn't she look little!

Kristin and Heidi, April 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

8 minutes... really?

I was at Firestone early this morning, and by early I mean 7:30am, as this was while Heidi was sleeping, and they are not backed up at this time of day. While there, I amused myself with the recent issue of Family Fun magazine. An article shocked me, and here is one quote "Kids average fewer than 8 minutes of unstructured outdoor play a day." I had to go back and read it a second time, out of disbelief. Yes, I know many kids spend too much time with electronics, but really, only 8 minutes? Crazy!!! Currently living in Texas, and working with families, I noticed how parents tend to have kids play outside only in perfect weather. The summers are too hot, and the winters are "too cold/windy." By taking away "imperfect" weather conditions, parents limited outside time. It's unfortunate, and sad. Kids learn so much through independent play, and how to self-entertain.

Outside time is something I will make a priority in my parenting of Heidi. Already, I take Heidi outside. Some days, it is to the dog park, or on a walk with the stroller. Other mornings (before 10am, and in the shade) I take a blanket and spread it on the grass, and Heidi looks around, with the dogs nearby.

Here's a picture of Heidi in my parent's backyard. Look how green and beautiful it is! And notice that Heidi is enjoying this "unstructured" time.

Heidi - 2 months

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Revamp - in Blog land and Life

I took an unexpected sabbatical from this blog, for good reasons! We became pregnant last June (of 2012) and I had a super challenging pregnancy. Any energy within my body was reserved for work, eating (and puking), growing a baby, and sleeping. Our daughter, Heidi was born Easter, 2013. She is now almost 3 months old, and she and I are getting into a routine. Life has changed and priorities have shifted. I love watching Heidi explore her expanding environment, and daily learning new skills. My plan is to capture some of those moments here.

I've been reluctant to post personal traits about Heidi on the internet. Too many stories of pictures being used without permission. But I go back to the concept that I enjoy reading others blogs, so I probably shouldn't have a double standard. Same goes for books, and any other permanent medium - it is always out there, and can be put on the internet at any point in time. But was able to figure out how to write a "copyright" notice at the bottom of the blog, so at least I feel better about the whole thing.

Heidi is asleep, so that means I need to sleep as well.