Sunday, January 15, 2012


I have never liked the term "New Year Resolutions" as they seem too formal, and when they are not followed through, it is a yucky feeling.

So instead, this year I have some "Goals" for 2012. They are pretty basic, but important nonetheless.

1. Read the bible this year. My church is doing a plan this year, to read the entire bible. Their plan has us reading the Old Testament, New Testament, a Psalm, and Proverb each day. When I have tried this in the past, it confused me and I didn't get a good sense of flow between the books. This year, I am going to read the bible chronologically, and I picked an easier translation to read: New Living Translation (NLT). This bible has each day planned out in the order of history, and I am looking forward to learning more about the Bible.

2. Post on my blog more frequently.

3. Go walking with the dogs more frequently.

4. Exercise on a consistent basis. And no, that doesn't mean once a month! Ha

5. Continue learning new crafts.

6. Learn and make new recipes.

7. Pray more often.

8. Stick to a chore schedule, and follow through.

This sounds like a great year!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Picture time

A Picture post for you. I've already discussed these activities, so there will be fewer words than sometimes. Picture quality isn't the greatest, as I focused more on capturing events than making great pictures. 

Craft time:
Here I am frantically working on another scarf, with both
dogs. Notice Sophie's collar, it was a happy day when she
no longer had to wear it!

For the DIY Christmas, here are 4 of the scarves
I made. From left to right, Me, Mom, Grandma,
Aunt Ann. I used two different patterns, a
Basket Weave for mine and Ann's, and a
revised Shell Stitch for mom and Grandma!

 Buying our Christmas tree:

Christmas Lights:
Our outside Christmas display, thanks to Kelby.

 Christmas Morning:
Christmas morning with TWO puppies.
They loved their new toys and treats.

Here is Sophie with her head down her Christmas
stocking, looking for more yummy treats!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Smart Sophie

Last night I was home from Bible Study, and on the computer checking emails. Kelby was nearby reading. A little background: we had rearranged the living room to fit the Christmas tree. Once we removed the tree, we liked the arrangement as there was more floor space. This places the large couch along a half-wall. Back to present time: we, along with Skipper are in the second bedroom. Sophie was playing with toys in the living room. I heard her chewing food, and I thought it was just a few random pieces of food from the floor. A few minutes later, it registered that Sophie was still chewing food. There couldn’t have been that much food on the floor, so I got up and peeked around the corner. And I found Sophie on the back on the couch, eating Skipper’s food. We had placed the bowls of food on the half wall, thinking they were out of reach. Instead, Sophie figured out that she could climb on the back of the couch and then reach the food bowls from there! We laughed, but had to scold her anyways. And then we moved the food bowls. Now, no more smart Sophie sneaking food!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Wedding Pictures Part 2

I don't like pictures of myself kissing, so you get to see this one instead.

I enjoy how food smells, so I thought I should smell the most important food item of the day - my cake! And it smelled, and tasted delicious.

The "classic" cutting of the cake picture.

"My girls"

One of my favorite pictures of the day. I love you Kaylie!!!

Look at that dress!!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Finally - Wedding Pictures (part 1)

Here are some of our wedding pictures. I cannot believe it was almost 5 months ago. Some of these are the "standard" pictures that you expect to see at a wedding, with the different family members.

Marriage ceremony, with Dwigh Nash, our pastor.

My parents added a son-in-law!

Kelby's dad, step-mom, and mom.

Us, with the sisters.

Us, with my Grandma, Gene, and Kelby's "Pawpaw" and "Mum"

My Grandma, nothing else needed.

Here is the classic picture, of Laura sitting on my lap.

Don't I look elegent in this picture? I think I do....

My sister's engagement pictures

I was able to go home for Thanksgiving, in part because my sister asked me to take her engagement pictures. This was by far my most "official" photo shoot. And boy, did they work me hard! We drove to where they met in Upstate New York. From there, we went to many different locations, a wardrobe change, and I took pictures the whole time! I feel like we were able to get some great pictures, and some that really captured their personalities. Here are a few of them... what do you think? And there is ZERO editing on these.