Monday, February 27, 2012

Random thoughts

I was at walmart the other night to buy a few groceries. As I was checking out, an elderly gentleman started talking to me. After a couple of pleasantries, he asked it I was a movie star. Now to put this question into perspective - I was wearing workout pants and a baggy sweatshirt. I smiled back at him and said no, I'm not. Hehe

Sophie loves to eat Skipper's food. Typically, she will stand next to him and watch. If he leaves a piece behind, she is quick to eat it. If she finds his food bowl on the floor before I pick it up, she will grab a few pieces. When I notice this happening, I tell her "no. Drop it"  and take the food out of her mouh. Since this has happened numerous times, now I primarily just have to look at her and she will drop the food and run off. She knows, but I guess the food tastes too good.

I leave my dog-walking sneakers outside our front door. I only use this pair when walking on the grass with the puppies, as there are lots of owners who don't pick up after their dog. So when these sneakers get dirty or muddy, I dont become (too) frustrated. But this weeken, I opened the door, and my sneakers were not there. Some of Kelby's shoes were, but not my sneakers. Someone took them! I'm not sure who would want dirty sneakers, but someone did. Oh so frustrating and annoying.

I've had an image in my mind of what I was hoping this blog would turn into. Over this past year, the image has shifted and changed. I have read one blog where a couple both quit their jobs to run the blog full-time, and make enough money to support their family. They also have a book on the way! You can find them HERE. That is such a neat concept, to write in this manner, get paid, and reach millions of people. I am NOT saying I want this blog to go that far, but as someone who never liked to write, and never thought I was good at writing, it is neat to have this possibility. 

Writing without pressure, to pass information or thoughts on to others is encouraging. As I write, something an english teacher once said comes to mind. He said that every phrase we write should not be a cliche or popular saying. I think about this, but then still write how I want to. I wonder what teachers or professors think about this style of writing. And not just the common sayings/slang, but the conversational aspect. But on the other hand, it does not matter. What does matter is God's approval.  :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Southern Food

These past years living in Texas, have expanded my taste buds far beyond what I ate back up North. Especially since Kelby has grown up in the South, and being a Southern guy, I have broadened eating options. Close friends from Louisiana cook Red Beans and Rice, so when my parents came to visit, it was time to try my hand at cooking this recipe.

Again, lots of internet research, and reading TONS of comments. I found a recipe, and made a few alternations (yes, I am that kind of cook - read a recipe and make my own changes the first time cooking it).

Red Beans and Rice - Louisiana style

1.25 pounds dried red beans(kidney beans)
10 cups water
1 pound Andouille sausage
1 large onion, chopped
1 green pepper, chopped
3 stalks celery, chopped
2 tablespoons diced garlic (8 cloves)
1 tsp ground black pepper
4 tbps tony chachere's Cajun spice (creole seasonings) (also to taste)
2 tsp dried basil (or 6 fresh basil leaves/2 dried leaves)
1 bone-in center slice of ham, or ham hock

Cooked rice

1. The night before, place beans into the 10 cups of water, and soak overnight
2. The next day, brown sausage in a pan, and cut into rounds
3. Into the pot with the beans and water, add sausage, onion, pepper, celery, garlic, ground pepper, basil, Cajun spices, ham.
4. Cook on low 6- 8 hours. While cooking, mash some of the beans in order to thicken the sauce
5. Serve over cooked rice. Deliciousness!!!

Can be cooked in a crock pot. If too soupy at the end, cook on stove without a lid to thicken.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

6 months of Marriage

Wow.... we have been married for 6 months! When I reflect back on these months, in some ways time has flown by, and other ways time has seemed slow. (that sounds clique, but it's true.) I now can't imagine being in my apartment without Kelby. We have figured out how to share a bed... haha. Kelby now rarely kicks me while sleeping. Yay, I'm thankful for the small changes! We found places for all our things. And the storage unit has been such a blessing.

It sounds funny now... but we figured out how to manage laundry. And we are able to fold each others laundry, and even put it all away!

We have the living room set up so there is a lot of room for the dogs to run and play. This is the third arrangement of the furniture, and by far the best one :-) 

We are still working on the balance of our marriage, work, school, homework, puppies, friends, family, and church (not in any particular order).

To my husband, may we have years and years left to grow closer, reach our dreams, and share life together.

I Love You, and Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 13, 2012


I watched Sophie play last night. She was interested in a towel on the floor that we use to wipe dirty and muddy paws. Sophie grabbed the towel in her mouth and pulled it across the floor. The towel is larger than herself and almost as heavy. It was fun watching her, but it also brought to mind an activity I use at work with kids who have sensory issues and need more input into their bodies. Sometimes we recommend the child do "heavy work" activities which involves pulling/moving/carrying heavy objects. This gives the child an appropriate release for their energy. It also gives the child information as to where their body is in space. Sophie needed to release energy, which she did!

And on another note, I finally gave Sophie a much needed haircut. After talking with others who have Schnausers, we did not Sophie to be shaved, as it makes their hair stiffer and not as soft. Also, as you can guess, I didn't want to pay for a true grooming session. So one night this past week, I took my embroidery scissors (they are the sharpest ones I own) and we sat on the floor and I cut and cut and cut. And when I thought I was done, I cut and cut and cut some more. Over an hour later, Sophie no longer looked straggled and disorganized, and I had a huge pile of hair on the floor. I decided to keep her beard long under her chin, and primarily gave her a puppy cut everywhere else. Now she is even cuter... if that is possible.