Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Heidi

Heidi's 1 year developmental "report"

- pulls to stand on furniture, and sits back down controlled.
- can get into a sitting position independently from her stomach
- crawls up and down stairs
- is now crawling on hands and knees
- cruises along furniture, and bridges from one piece to another
- uses pincer grasp to pick up small pieces of food or things from the floor
- just learned to make marks on paper with a brush
- bangs toys together
- puts small toys in and out of containers
- isolates pointer finger
- releases objects
- not interested in taking steps forward

- uses fingers to feed herself
- hands a fork or spoon to adult for them to put food on it, then puts it into her mouth by herself
- drinks from an open cup while an adult holds it for her
- drinks from a sippy cup independently - a great help in the car
- has preferences for different foods
- eats a variety of textures, all adult food, some just cut up smaller
- nurses 2-4 times a day
- helps to pull a shirt over her head
- enjoys taking her socks off, and attempts to put them back on
- can take loose pants off
- has not learned to use a straw cup
- loves bath
- takes 2 naps a day, and sleeps 12 hours at night

- loves to watch other children
- will share a toy with children and adults
- shy around strangers, prefers to hang on to mom
- hasn't figured out how to stay at church nursery
- imitates actions with hands and body - such as motions to "If You Are Happy and You Know It"
- has toy and activity preferences
- testing boundaries and limits
- plays peek-a-boo, pat-a-cake
- calls attention to herself by "talking" or saying "mama" or using a sign
- beginning temper-tantrums when told "no"
- gives lots of affection to people, and gives kisses to baby dolls
- has a happy personality
- reserved in new situations
- dances to music

- can find hidden objects, imitates hiding objects
- turns pages in a book, looks at pictures
- plays appropriately with music toys, cars
- emerging ability to stack 2 blocks
- imitates gestures and sign language signs
- uses objects correctly - pretends to drink from a cup, puts a phone to her ear, puts a bow on her hair, shoe on her foot, hairbrush to her hair
- points to a few pictures and uses the sign to label (dog, bird)

- verbal words: hi, mama, dada, grandma, laura, I got it
- sign language words: hi, bye, more, eat, milk, please, dog, all done, open, book, bird, where is it
- imitates words and sign words
- babbles expressively with inflection
- pays attention to others talking
- looks for people or dogs when asked
- responds to directions such as "give it to mom to open, put it on the table, no mouth, go get a book, wave hi, blow kiss, hi-five, clap hands, pat the dog, be gentle" and mostly without gestures
- is not shaking her head "yes" or "no"

If you made it this far, that's great! Now, for what you are waiting for....

Happy First Birthday Heidi

We love you greatly. You are a blessing from God, and it is miraculous watching you develop each and every day. I am so thankful to spend my days playing, teaching, and learning from you.

And a few more pictures, because Heidi is cute.

Heidi loves balloons
signing "open"
signing "where is it?"

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Follow-up to "All in God's Timing"

Did anyone realize that I skipped a part of the story?  There was a picture at the end yesterday, showing new couches, but I never described how we arrived at buying them.

After saying thanks to God for his guidance, I thought furniture was a ways off. I believed we would have a decent tax refund due to different factors. But when we sat down and completed our taxes, it was larger than either of us expected. A lot larger.

So tax refund = money into savings, a new tv, and new furniture. Works for us.

Thanks for reading and all of your comments.


Monday, March 17, 2014

All in God's timing

Back in January, Kelby and I discussed buying furniture for our empty formal living room. I really really really wanted couches in the room, so that it could be more functional. While playing in there, we would sit on the hard cold wooden floor. Not comfortable. Thus our discussions on furniture. We went to a couple stores, and even agreed on a couch and loveseat, and recliner chair. For some reason, I was not at peace with going forward with the purchase. Did I mention how much I wanted this furniture? There was even a deal for free delivery. But something was holding me back. That something was God. He was telling me to "wait" even though I didn't want to. We tried to justify the purchase by looking through expenses for that month, cutting even more corners, and came up with a number that we would be comfortable spending. But something still didn't feel right. So we waited on a decision. In waiting on a decision, we made the decision of "no" for now.

A few weeks later, we received the last bill from my hospital stay for having Heidi. I knew it was out there, but didn't know how much it would be after insurance finally covered their portion. When I opened the bill, I was shocked!!!. The bill was $1,052. Can you guess the total amount we had put aside for furniture? $1,054. An answer to an unspoken prayer. In just buying a house, we did not have this kind of money laying around. But God knew we would need it.

So instead of new furniture in January, we paid a hospital bill. Not as exciting, but it was our responsibility.

And thanks to God for the reminder that He has everything under his control, and in His timing. Now, if I can only recognize and listen to His voice all the time.

Heidi standing at our new couches. With a rug from
my parents underfoot. The room is comfortable now!

Monday, March 10, 2014

picture time

Heidi in lots of snow. Notice the roof-line of the house behind her.

Our house, with lots of snow :)

Heidi helping Kelby with carpet pads.

Heidi 11 months.