Thursday, January 16, 2014

Never tired...

Never tired of looking at Heidi pictures. I went back into December and pulled a few of my favorites.

We had to get a picture of us a new home owners! With our great Realtor, Mary.
Heidi, Me, Mary, Kelby

Heidi has learned that Sophie loves to play with the dog toys. Heidi knows which ones are the dogs, and will hold out the toy, or throw the toy. Sometimes Sophie is interested, as in this picture, other times not so much. (excuse my finger, it's hard getting an action shot!)
Sophie, Heidi

Heidi's first Christmas morning. What fun. She was most interested in the paper.
Heidi Christmas 2013

Here we are using the remote to the camera. 2 out of 5 looking at the lens, not too bad!
The Reeds Christmas 2013

Not sure who is more jealous, Skipper or Heidi.
Me, Heidi, Skipper, Kelby

Sunday, January 12, 2014

All about Heidi

Heidi with a new friend. Collective "awwww" would be fitting. They are a under 2 weeks apart in age, and have lots of the same mannerisms. They are both trying to clap in the first picture. In the second picture no, they are not holding hands but trying to hold onto the same toy.

Heidi having story time with Grandpa.

Heidi's newest skill. Pulling to stand. Here I'm using a trick from work. I took the couch cushion off so that the couch was lower for Heidi to pull to her knees and then her feet. And since she was so proud of herself and wanted to continue practicing, I helped her get back down to the floor and she pulled up again. (and again, and again.) She wasn't interested in the toys, but the final destination of getting on her feet all by herself. She then tried to stand on her toes, as if she wanted to climb onto the couch. But this mama is not ready for a climbing baby.

Me and Heidi standing.

Heidi has loved the fridge for a long time now. Whenever we open the door, she makes a beeline toward the fridge. Today, for the first time she decided to pull to stand. At least for now she was more interested in standing than pulling everything off the shelves.


Heidi has started this new game, where she smiles really big, and closes her eyes at the same time. It is almost as if her face is saying "I'm the cutest baby in the world, look at me." She played this game at dinner last night, so excuse the food face.
Heidi knowing she is cute.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Missing Friends

We are missing our friends we left behind. From afar, we love everyone!
Helen (a missionary in Honduras) and Heidi

Heidi, Kari, Debbie

A late night for Heidi. Hi Girls!!!

Me, Heidi, Melissa

Me, Heidi, Nicole

Kaylie and Heidi. hugs and kisses!!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

I have our "big" computer

Kelby has the desktop computer up and running. Therefore, I now have access to a computer to easily upload my pictures, and post of the blog. Typing was annoyingly too slow on the tablet. So be prepared for lots of updates. Especially house related.

We have owned our house for exactly a month now. It's remarkable how much there is to do, and in how many directions our time, energy, and resources has been pulled. I never dreamed that I would pay so much money for something, and then spend days cleaning. Most of the house is livable. Kitchen, family room, dining room, and part of the living room is Heidi friendly. Heidi's bedroom and the master bedroom are put together. That leaves two other bedrooms, the rest of the living room, the garage, and basement.

Kelby has been working hard on lots of different projects. His first one was replacing the hot water heater with a shorter tank, for safety reasons. He reworked all the shelves in the pantry. He set up lots and lots of furniture. Got the snow blower working. Run internet wiring. Worked on outlets. Started to remove yucky carpet and wood paneling from the basement. Put up a window blind. Set up washer and dryer. Made a makeshift fence for the dogs. Started to cut down a tree - the tree in the middle of the picture below.

Our snowy backyard at sunset.

I've cleaned, scrubbed, and cleaned some more. And then unpacked boxes, sorted, and put away our things. It is shocking at how much we fit into our 2 bedroom apartment in Texas.

It's also shocking how many bins of clothing Heidi has already outgrown. She is currently in 18 month to 24 month clothes. She has also learned how to stick out her tongue. Many babies learn this earlier than Heidi, but with her tongue-tie, it is a hard motion for her to imitate. The below picture shows how far she can stick out her tongue. Not very far. This is a classic example of a tongue-tie, how it is dimpled at the tip of her tongue, almost in a heart shape. She is so proud of herself, and will now do the motion to see our reaction.


Heidi in an old rocking chair, passed down from my Grandma.

In some lighting, it still looks like she has strawberry-blond hair. What do you think?

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Heidi 9 months

Heidi's 9 month picture. Yes, we are officially helmet free!!!!! Just over a week ago, we had another scan of her head, and she now has a more symmetrical head shape. It was recommended that I wean her off of the helmet (as she would have to adjust to her head weighing less, and not having the protection around her head), so we took a few days of a couple hours on, couple hours off routine. Last monday night was her last time wearing it thru the night. And we have not looked back!

I LOVE being able to see, touch, smell, and kiss her hair. Giving her hugs is more rewarding. I gave her a bath, and it felt like I forgot something, because I didn't have to give the helmet a bath as well. Getting her dressed is easier. But having her wear the helmet for over 3 months was worth the financial expense, stress, appointments, and the "what if's...." So thankful I took action when I did. Now when Heidi is older, we will be able to confidently say that we did everything possible. In the end, good experience. And would recommend the process to others contemplating their child's head shape.

Here's a few from the session.... I couldn't pick. And she is too cute to have to pick.

"official" 9 month picture, as it has all the elements.


Heidi reading a book.