Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wonderful news!

No, not pregnant....

no, not a place to live......

but yes, a JOB!!!! Kelby accepted a job as a Mechanical Engineer for Novelis Aluminum, in Oswego, New York. He starts September 23rd, and he'll be working in a maintenance capacity at the cold mill plant. Thanks for all the prayers! We are super excited for this next adventure. (and especially for a salary!!!!)

It's harder to update the blog from my tablet, as typing on that is tedious. So I have to bum Kelby's computer, as our main computer is in storage.

Today we took Heidi and the dogs for a walk along the Erie Canal. While growing up, I used to ride my bike along the canal, so it was a neat reflection merging my old with my new. Today's temperature was 60 and cloudy, so Heidi was wrapped up in a couple of blankets. Skipper was not having the best of days, so we took it slow and easy.

Heidi has had a burst in development. It is miraculous watching her learn new skills, most of which haven't required any teaching on my part. Just giving her opportunities and time to practice what she wants to learn, shows her inner drive. Fascinating, especially since she can the ability to use all her senses at the same time. Heidi is now sitting totally unassisted, and is propping with one hand in order to use the other hand to play. While on her stomach, she is turning in multiple circles, and rolling around. She has started pushing backwards on the floor. She is making lots of different sounds, and shows great anticipation. Her giggle is contagious. Heidi can now pick up a puff using a partial pincer grasp, and put it into her mouth to eat. She consistently turns to her name, and recognizes sounds such as Skype. Heidi prefers to have me close by, and has started looking for me when someone else holds her (sooo cute!). While nursing, if there are lots of distractions, she will look around the room. Heidi has slept 11 or 12 hours straight at night, but that means her naps are shorter.

We took her in for another evaluation for her head, this time at Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics. They also recommend a helmet, for her plagiocephaly. If anything, it is more pronounced since the first evaluation 5 weeks ago. We go back this week for Heidi to be fitted and scanned for a helmet. We are trying to have insurance cover it, but not sure if her asymmetry will be significant enough. Insurance had me write a letter, describing what I have already tried in terms of re-positioning. I used lots of work terminology. That made me glad for my experience.

And now, what you have been waiting for. Pictures.

Heidi, me, Sophie, Skipper (and mom taking the picture) before leaving TX.

Heidi and Grandma, on Grandma's week that she
would be returning to work, except she is now retired!

A major reason we are now living in NY.
I get to spend time with my Grandma.
This makes me happy.

Heidi and me, enjoying the outdoors.

Grandpa is teaching Heidi how to read the newspaper.

Heidi and her Daddy.

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