Monday, May 28, 2012

My Good Deed

Day: thursday
Location: Frisco, TX
Time: morning
Details: I was driving in a neighborhood for work, and noticed two dogs running on the sidewalk. I pulled over and called them to me. Unexpectedly they both came! I found my waterbottle, and one of them started to drink. At this time, I noticed they were both panting and neither had a collar. After contemplating the situation for a minute, I decided on a plan of action. I opened the back door and the yellow lab jumped in. The chocolate spanial took a little coaxing, but made it. I blasted the air conditioning, and drove around the neighborhood. No one was out looking for a dog. I saw a mom playing outside, and asked her if she knew where the dogs belonged, but she did not know. I called Kelby, and he looked up shelter information or me. I realized Plano was closer, but on the phone they refused to take the dogs. At this point, I noticed the time and didn't have time to drive them to the shelter that would accept them. I called a few friends, but could not drop the dogs in their back yards. Finally, a friend said yes! I went to my next couple work appts, then drove back and picked up the dogs. It was sad leaving them at the shelter. But good news, the spanial had a microchip, so hopefully the shelter was able to contact their owners.

Having two large dogs in my car, reminded me how having little dogs can be easier. The  dog slobbered on the window, and my car now smells like hot dog. Ewwwwww.....

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tortured by Bugs

Two days ago, Kelby convinced me to go fishing with him. We packed up his fishig pole and the dogs and drove to the nearest state park. It was evening, but the bugs didn't seem bad. Boy, was I mistaken. I watched the dogs, took burrs off of Sophie, and read a book. Kelby had a few bites on his line, but was not able to reel in a fish. I knew I had a few bites around my ankles, but they were not bad. That turned out to be a HUGE understatement!

All of yesterday more and more bites showed themselves. By last night, I was in tears, as they hurt excessively. Kelby stopped at the store on his way home from work. Then we spent an hour trying to come up with a solution to stop the itching. NOTHING has helped. Today I have not been able to focus my mind, except to try and  prevent myself from itching. It's hard to count all the bites, but I think I have around 40. Yes, 40 large red splotches.

We think they are chiggers (which we do not have in the Northeast). They are between my knees and shoulders, and concentrated on my butt. We believe they can last over a week. This will be a looooong week. Kelby has a couple, but my body seems to react much stronger than his. Skipper also has some on his legs and feet,  and he keeps licking and scratching. So I am not alone in my misery. I have not had this type of reaction since I found out that I am allergic to Tylenoll. But this experience helps me to understand what my kids go through when they fight different allergies.

Currently I am sitting in the bathtub, with the coldest water that I can tolerate. Pray that God takes away the itching, and heals my skin.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Kelby's celebration dinner, for nailing a mechanical engineering internship this summer. And it is even paid. It is a huge answer to prayer. We are super excited to be able to spend evenings and weekends together.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Picture of Sophie

Here is Sophie in her old cone. A few days after we took this picture, she was wearing her cone (while in her cage). Kelby came home and noticed she chewed out three of her stitches. He took her into the vet, and the vet put in staples. OUCH! They also gave her a larger cone. We had her wear it for another week, and now it is off. Sophie is running around and is enjoying playing without plastic inhibiting her movements. She is also enjoying scratching her ears. hehe

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sewing time

With Kelby in finals this week... I've recently increased time with my sewing machine. I can't show one project yet, as the recipients have not received their gifts. But here is another project. I wanted to make a gift for our niece, and I wanted Kelby to have a part of it. So, Kelby helped pick out the fabric, and I sewed up our little project.

It's a child-sized apron. I think it turned out super cute, what do you think?