Friday, June 22, 2012

I was able to put my camera to good use the past few weeks. The Pastor (who married us last year) finally finished his Doctorate of Divinity. I had the pleasure of going to the (long) ceremony. I felt a little pressure to capture the important moments of the day. I think they urned out pretty well! Congratulations to Doctor Reverend Dwight Nash. Awesome accomplishment.

Look at that program. It was like a book!

For the ceremony, the largest church I have ever been it.

Dwight's walk across the stage. I was on the right side of the stage initially, and when his portion of the ceremony started, we realized I needed to switch sides. I sprinted, and made it, so I could get his face and not back of the head.

Proud family.

Favorite picture of the day :)

On another note, one of my girls in my Youth Group, had her final singing concert of he year, and final Middle School concert. I cannot believe that she will be in High School next year. I had such difficulty getting clear pictures during the concert. The kids kept moving in and out of the lighting, and add in dancing movies,and I was challenged! She had a solo in this song... great job!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Productive Reading

I’ve been reading books, but haven’t spent the extra time to write about them here. I was in Half Price Books (they are only in 16 states) the other day, and was walking by a display, and saw this book. It must have been my intuition on seeing the picture, of a boy sitting on a horse, being held by dad, and it touched me. I picked it up, and couldn’t put it down, so The Horse Boy came home with me.

I enjoyed reading about a family’s struggle knowing that their son was not developing typically. It documents their journey to find help and relief for their son. It was very informative and interesting from a family’s perspective, and improves my ability to do my job.

The author had one of the best explanations of tantrums/meltdowns that I have read, on a basic level. Here is a quote from pg. 19 “Through our cyberspace trawling we did discover the likely cause of these strange, overwhelming tantrums – that they were probably neurological in origin; his nervous system was almost certainly overactive. Autistic brains, it turns out, have a much greater number of nerve cells than “neuro-typical” brains. The result can be extreme sensory overload. A breath of wind on Rowan’s cheek could feel like fire from a flame-thrower. The fluorescent lights of a supermarket or daycare facility could look like lights being strobed at one million times a second. His clothes or bedcovers could suddenly, if the wrong neurological switch was thrown, feel like lead weights or burning napalm. Not that this helped to console him when the firestorms went raging through his brain and body.”

I would definitely recommend this book!

Just FYI... there is a lot of time spent on the family's travel to Mongolia and meeting with shaman's... which isn't a type of therapy I would recommend for a child with Autism.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Laura's birthday present

I thoroughly enjoyed making Laura's birthday present. However, I didn't get it mailed until around 5 weeks after her birthday. And here it is another month after that, where I am finally showing you what I made for her. I made the same letter for my front door, except with an "R" of course. The "F" is her future last name. It's a cardboard letter wrapped in twine. I came across the idea of making your own pot-holders, and really liked the fabric. Hopefully Laura will use them.

Better late than never, I guess????

Monday, June 18, 2012

Stay tuned for blog catch-up!

I unexpectly took a break from writing on here. I couldn't believe that I was sick with strep throat and ear infections but I am finally recovering. So on this note, here I am.

Sophie fell asleep before Kelby the other night. He prefers for Sophie to cuddle rather than sleep in the cage. This night I didn't have the energy to persuay Kelby otherwise. Sophie picked the soft spot, and then Kelby lay down. I told him that Sophie is now dominate over him... what do you think?