Saturday, October 4, 2014

Heidi is 18 months old and wants to share news with you.

Our beautiful Heidi.

How is this even possible? Heidi is 18 months old, or 1.5 years old. I no longer have a baby, but a toddler who is fast developing and growing as she learns new skills and independence.

She started walked right after 17 months. The therapist in me was starting to wonder if we would make the 18 month deadline for walking, and she did! Heidi waited until she was proficient in walking, turning around while standing, changing directions, starting and stopping, and getting into a stand in the middle of the room, and walk for distances before she was willing to walk independently. Now that she is, she cannot be stopped. And I like it!

Heidi practicing her walking skills.
She is also trying share news with you.
At her 18 month check-up, the pediatrician asked for me to complete the M-CHAT. I have given this screening before, but never been on the receiving side of it. No concerns, but it was interesting to see how a few of the questions could be hard to understand or interpret from a parent's point of view.

Heidi amazes us at her understanding of language, and her spoken language. She easily puts three words together, such as "byebye big truck" or "mommy read book." Heidi still uses single words and two-word phrases to get her point across, and often she still pairs a single word with the sign for that word. She is not as interested in learning new signs, but will imitate a new verbal word the first time she hears it. There is no way I could even begin to count the words that she uses on a daily basis, as her vocabulary grows each day.

Heidi and Daddy reading a book.
What is the name of the book?

She is a joy to be around. Lots of other updates to come, sorry for the lack of staying in touch. I've had a reason. Do you know what it is? Were you able to notice a theme in the pictures? Heidi is trying to tell you some big news. Have you figured it out?

Heidi practicing with a new infant car seat.
What about now?

And if you still didn't notice the theme of all the pictures, Heidi is going to be a big sister!!! Another reason I was so desperate for her to walk. Not interested in carrying two kids around all day :)

This pregnancy has gone much smoother than my first, thank goodness. Besides typical aches and pains, nothing out of the ordinary, and for that we are extremely thankful. Baby Girl Reed #2 due around November 9th. Would appreciate prayers for a safe and easy delivery next month.

With lots of love, The Reeds

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  1. Congratulations, Heidi! Enjoy your new freedom, but give Mom a break when she gets tired. We wish we could be there to celebrate you becoming a big sister, but know that we are filled with joy at the news! ((Hugs)) from the Gottschalks