Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall pictures

This day was a beautiful fall day. In the morning, it was cool, in the 40's, and smelled like fall. There is that distinctive, sharp smell which is so much better than any perfume. By lunchtime, we decided to take the dogs on a walk. Given Kelby's knee issues, we kept it short. I used this opportunity with both of us, with the dogs, in the daytime to take some pictures. Sophie moves so fast! It was hard to get her into certain poses, but we were able to get cute ones. Enjoy

This is Sophie's typical position.
Trying to get Skipper to play!

I couldn’t decide on which pictures I liked best, so you are able to see more than expected.

I love when Sophie carries toys.
She is too cute!




Mom mailed me a box of apples. Probably one of the best packages I have received in the mail. In the box, were fresh, crisp, delicious apples. TX apples are just not the same, even the ones imported from other states. They were great to eat and cook with.

With the rest of the apples, I decided to make homemade applesauce. It is actually much easier than it sounds.Wash the apples, cut them into hunks. Place all the apples into a large pot, with a little water on the bottom. Turn on the heat, and let them cook for 30ish minutes with the lid on, stirring at times, until all the apples are soft and mushy.

Use this wonderful invention, a food press. Turn the crank, and applesauce falls out the bottom! Press the entire batch of apples, and then it is ready to eat.

I love it best as is, but it is also good with cinnamon sprinkled on top.