Friday, June 20, 2014

Still catching up

Still heading back in time.

Bluebell, PA
"Great" Aunt Ann showing Heidi a new toy
 Baltimore, MD
Laura and Heidi

Heidi's 1st birthday party
A friend pushing Heidi. He wanted to push, she wanted to ride

Heidi contemplating a cupcake. I love her expression

Another cute Heidi picture

Good friends, Bob and Lois with Heidi

Heidi opening presents. Skipper and Sophie thought this one was for them.

Easter. It's odd thinking that most years, her birthday will be separate from this holiday, unlike the year she was born.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pictures and events

Pictures and events, going back in time.

Zoo time
Heidi is asking "where is the animal?"
Heidi deep in thought

Our front yard.
Me and Heidi, who was not a fan of touching grass.
A cute picture

Swan pond - feeding the ducks and walking
Heidi practicing her walking skills.
Heidi feeding the ducks
Grandma and Heidi.

Memorial Day Parade
Heidi was thrilled with the dumdums,
she thought they were a toy to hold.

My cousin's wedding.
Me, Heidi, Kelby
Kelby and I
Heidi and Kelby
Grandpa and Heidi

Monday, June 16, 2014

Heidi's first boat ride

I have lots of catching up to do. Sorry about that. But here are some pictures in the meantime.



Heidi's first boat ride

Heidi and Me

Boating makes Heidi sleepy

Grandma, Me, Heidi

Grandpa helping Heidi explore the water

MawMaw and Heidi

Kelby and his dad.