Wednesday, December 4, 2013


House closing week!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lots of money going out the door, and signing our names many times over, all for a house! We will be officially home owners, as of 11am tomorrow morning!

A huge dream has come to reality. Now for the joys (and frustrations) of home ownership. We're ready to take it on! And to start working on home improvement projects, cleaning, moving, organizing, and living on property that we (and the bank) own. Don't forget about the back yard, it needs lots of help. Any ideas?

Our backyard

And soon, hopefully, I will have more consistent access to a computer, in order to update the blog more frequently.

And I may be doing a "happy dance" over here  :)

Can't end a post without a cute Heidi picture. She is still wearing her helmet every day, here I just gave her a few minutes of a break. She probably has only 5 more weeks left to wear it. Her head is much more symmetrical, and the flat spot on top is almost nonexistent. I can't wait to give her hugs and kisses without a helmet! It's been worth the money and time and effort. I feel as though we are giving her the best start possible for her self-esteem in the future. And I know that we did everything medically possible. Beautiful baby! We love you!

Heidi 8 months

A few days late, but we got it! She was not very interested in smiling, so here is one of her "exploring" aka chewing, on a block.