Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting ready...

Our wedding is just a week away. I believe I speak for both Kelby and myself, that we are ready for the day to arrive. Lots of decisions being made, both big and little. The program is done, just needs to be printed. Songs chosen, food picked out, relatives come into town soon. Trying to fit both his things and my things into one apartment is not an easy feat. Moving a desk by myself was interesting! Sometimes I wonder why we keep so much? Skipper is concerned with all the activity, but then he falls asleep as close to me as possible. The wedding planning has kept me from the computer, hopefully that will change soon! I am working on a great idea for all the cards we have received. Once it is finished, pictures will be posted.

We both are remembering that the wedding event is just a day, but our marriage will last forever. We read lots of books, talk through decisions, such as...... who is going to do which chores :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Family Reunion

Third attempt for this post….

Kelby and I attended a family reunion on his mom's side of the family, near Houston. It was hot, humid, and yucky outside. But we were able to get some great pictures, and spend time with his family.

He took over the camera for a little while, and resulted in this picture of a sweaty me. Here, Kelby is concentrating on playing a game.

We were able to play with his niece. She is super cute, and it was a perfect time to take pictures.

Here are a few distant relatives of Kelby. The
boys enjoyed laughing and being scared by their
grandfather, and I was able to capture the moment.

Here is Kelby’s grandpa. He found a unique seat, in order to observe all the activity. Sorry the next picture is blurry, but I was able to “catch” all the candy falling out of the piƱata.

At one point, I was looking for a subject for pictures. God gave me a very entertaining lizard. He was actually above me, by a couple of feet. When I looked at the picture later, it made me laugh out loud! The other picture just impressed me with the clarity and detail of the lizard.