Monday, May 30, 2011

K and K

Yes, K&K can mean Kristin and Kelby, and yes, our wedding is 9 weeks away. Speaking of wedding, inviations are sent out, and lots of finalization of plans happening. But K and K can also mean.... Kristin and Kaylie!!! I absolutely love my camera and the pictures it is able to capture.


Texas Sunset

 A Texas sunset. I saw the sunset from my car, and was able to get inside to grab my camera. These pictures were all taken from my front door. Pretty neat. The clouds don't even look real! I couldn't decide which one to put on the blog, so here are four of them. Oh, and it was one sunset. The first picture was taken the opposite direction of the sunset.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweet Kaylie

My precious friend, Corrie, asked me to take pictures of her daughter's 4th birthday party. Of course I said yes! Kaylie's party was held at Build A Bear, with lots of kids. Quite an interested atmosphere to try and take quality pictures. The boy on the right was hesitant in the environment, so his mother was comforting him. It turned out to be a neat moment I was able to capture.

Now for some Kaylie pictures!!! She did great :)

I love the sense of wonder in this picture!

This picture was interesting, as I was able to capture Eli's face in the mirror, as he dressed his bear. Look at that concentration!

It's great being able to capture "that" moment in a child's life experiences.

I was trying to take pictures of everything, so I ended up holding my extra lens in my other hand the whole time.

 And now for a funny picture. Always keep your background in mind! hehe

 Happy Birthday Kaylie! I love you sweet girl

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Radius - the youth group at my church. We meet once a week, and Kelby and I are both volunteers. Kelby's small group is high school boys, and my group is middle school girls. For some reason, God had me bring my camera last meeting, and here are few of the resulting pictures.

Worship time.

I liked the picture on the left, because the light was shining on Lauren. The picture on the right was hard to capture. Drew and Bobby were working in the sound booth, and it was almost dark.

A funny game. The youth had to draw a picture with a marker in their mouth.

Skipper and Urbie "play" date

Skipper has a new friend.  His name is "Urbie," a nickname for Keith Urban. There was lots of smelling and sniffing going on! Urbie was super friendly, and fun to be with.

Urbie was adopted about 2 weeks ago, by Helen and Dennis. Can you believe that years ago, Helen and Dennis were not dog people? And now, they rearranged their house for Urbie. hehe

A few awesome pictures of Urbie. There was great lighting inside the house.

Now outside play time:)

For some reason, Urbie found the side of the house interesting and full of good smells.

Monday, May 2, 2011

A New Month

I cannot believe we are already into May. That means June, July, and then August = marriage!!! Whooohooo! I wonder how we will fit everything into the apartment. Hmmm. Time is going by so fast; I think about blog posts, but it seems as if my computer time has decreased.

This weekend strawberries were on sale at Sprouts (one of my favorite grocery stores). Kelby and I bought a bunch; with intentions of making strawberry jamI typically try to make healthy recipes. This one is an exception. I grew up with this jam always available, and it’s my grandmother's recipe. So last night, and tonight, it was time to restock the freezer with a new batch of jam. It is delicious!  My favorite way to eat it is on a spoon, still warm from cooking.

In case you would like to try it, here's the recipe, with pictures.

Strawberry Jam
- strawberries
- sugar

It only takes 2 ingredients! Cut up the strawberries into small pieces. Put into a large saucepan; add equal amounts of sugar as to strawberries. In this picture, I have 8 cups of strawberries, and then 8 cups of sugar. Yes, it seems like a lot of sugar, but it will work in the end, I promise.

Stir, and then cook on medium heat until it comes to a boil. Cook on low until the broth is dark and clear. Cool. Store in fridge or freezer. Wonderful on toast, cheesecake, pp&j, or a spoon!

And now a few artistic pictures :)


Work requires a lot of driving. During my drives each day, I watch cities grow and develop; 2 lane roads become 4 or 6 lane roads. An grassy field becomes a gas station. A serene field of corn becomes a new housing development. A new shopping center is built, where flowers used to grow. With this growth, my soul saddens for the loss of nature, and the loss of the land. A part of me understands that growth is inevitable. A larger part of me misses the carefree experience provided by nature. Yes, I understand that I too live in a developed area, but I wish the other areas could remain as is. The sense of wonder given in nature, away from the stress and expectations of this world, is priceless.