Monday, August 29, 2011

Awesome new appliances

We are slowly trying out some of new kitchen appliances. I made yummy lemonade with our citrus juicer. So far, we have made two loaves of bread in the bread maker. I think I enjoy bread the traditional way, in the oven better, but it is so easy in the bread maker. You just put all the ingredients in, and turn it on. The machine automatically mixes the dough, lets it rise, repeats this process a few times, and then cooks the loaf. How easy is that?

I absolutely LOVE the food dehydrator. I have already used it three times, and Kelby is concerned with what we may spend on food :)  haha. But anyways, here is a picture of the beef jerky we made. It is delicious, and I could eat a lot of this in one day. Making jerky is easy... cut up beef, marinate it for a few hours, then dehydrate it for around 6 hours, and then...... deliciousness!!!!

Here is myself taking a nap with Skipper. I know my arm looks awkward, but it was comfortable. And here is Kelby taking a nap. You would have to ask him why he is holding 2 pillows on his chest.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Huge hotel room

Our third hotel room was very impressive. We had an eating area, living room, table, bed area, and bathroom. Here is me on the couch, watching TV channels that we don't get at home.

I liked the reflection on the counter.

I absolutely loved the comforter on the bed. It was alternative down, and we may need to get one. The king size sure helped trying to figure out how to share space while sleeping :)

My sister, Laura and her fiance treated us to a dinner at The Melting Pot. When we arrived at our table, there was this bouquet of flowers. Near the end of the dinner, the manager came over and took our picture. The meal tasted amazing!!! Thank you!

Animals and Cave

Kelby and I both like nature and history, so we went to a cave that was discovered years ago. The cave has been forming for a long time, and the stalactites and stalagmites are really impressive.

Next door to the cave was an animal safari. The perfect kind for Texas weather, as we drove around in the car with airconditioning on. I really wanted this picture of the tree. It looks as though we are in the middle of no-where, and we kinda are!

The animals were about as hot, or hotter than us. We liked this picture,
as the hair matches the same colors as his neck.  

Some of the animals were still hungry, so we were able to feed a few of them.
This zebra wanted more food, and as Kelby drove slowly,
the zebra kept his head inside the car!!!!!


Our honeymoon took us to San Antonio, just as hot as Dallas, but we were able to have fun nonetheless. We spent time on the riverwalk, and enjoyed taking pictures.

 Next stop, The Alamo. The interesting part is the history behind the story. The actual building is not that impressive. But we wanted to get a few good pictures for you :)  Make sure to notice Kelby waving at his reflection and the camera.


Our wedding was wonderful. A few stressful moments, but everything worked out great. I don't have many pictures, yet. But they will be coming. It amazed me how fast the day went by, compared to how much planning occured. The flowers were beautiful, cake delicious, food yummy, and my dress fit :) The music tied in perfectly, and the programs honored our loved ones.

We loved being able to spend time with our families. I am so appreciative of everyone who traveled to share in our day. Sorry it had to be one of the hottest summers in Texas.!!!